Diversifying tourism offers in peripheral destinations with heritage-based products and services, stakeholder alliances and skills alliances to internationalize locally operating micro-enterprises and facilitate uptake by the global market.

COSME: CfP 2015

Theme 2

Diversifying the EU tourism offer and products-promoting transnational thematic tourism offers

Submission date 30.06.2015
Work Packages 6
Activities 18
Deliverables 60
Results 982
Budget 312.500,00€
Lead Partner Culture Polis, Greece
Transnational Partnership 6 multilevel actors

We believe that


Tourism is for All: Article 26 of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the EU. We can realize the target "Making Europe the world’s no 1 Tourist Destination" only if connected to constant innovation and skill development of local actors and businesses.
A shift in thinking already taken place as a consequence of the global crisis and social networking is affecting the way tourism experiences are generated, distributed and sold. Creative consumers create or destroy a destination’s fame utilizing pervasive media to share and transfer their experiences.
New cultural heritage products and services are on demand according to the insights, needs and priorities of creative consumers. Offering a variety of customized points of enthusiasm to selected audience can help combat seasonality and increase tourism demand, innovation and competitiveness of local businesses in peripheral destinations.

We strive to


Create the (g)local stakeholder map to implement experienced-based tourism products and services and combat the fragmentation of stakeholders in the tourism sector.
Turn visionary ideas into cognitive-emotional heritage experiences connecting with tourism business models that challenge the establishment and rejuvenate the heritage landscape.
Identify, transfer and share best practices in the design and delivery of locally led experienced-based products and services enabling supply and demand / converge.
Unlock the challenges peripheral destinations face with existing services thereby enriching the heritage experience for All Seasons & All Audiences.
Develop new training methods, mind sets and skills sets for local actors and tourism professionals with new value propositions and distribution channels.