7 partners in Greece, Italy, Spain, Slovenia, Romania, Bulgaria, and Turkey share a common vision to boost the tourism potential of peripheral destinations, acquire new knowledge, capitalize on best practices from the international experience to create and launch a locally produced and globally distributed high quality experienced based product in heritage tourism



CULTUREPOLIS, the Project Coordinator, with seat in Corfu, Greece is a NGO, founded in 2006, active in Europe/Mediterranean, promoting initiatives on issues related to:(i) culture in the broadest sense and the creative economy; (ii) intercultural dialogue and cultural diversity; (iii) sustainability in all its forms; (iv) innovative approaches and new technologies; (v) creative entrepreneurship. CULTUREPOLIS has been involved in the implementation of several national and European projects focusing mainly on Culture, Tourism, Heritage Management, CCI’s, innovative artists’ platforms. CULTUREPOLIS is the official delegate of Odyssea for Greece and its islands and neighbor countries; and member of a platform for cultural organizations in Europe.


Unicity srl

UNICITY, with seat in Rome, Italy is a cultural heritage tourism provider SME with expertise in researching, planning and producing cultural attractions for museums, archeological, cultural and historic sites and landscapes, libraries, collections, traditional cultural events and exhibitions as defined by the NSFR 2007-2013 [(QSN 2007-2013, il Programma Operativo Interregionale "Attrattori culturali, naturali e turismo" (POIn)] and the APQ6/2007/Italian Government and the regulations for cultural heritage activities and goods (Research and Technology Innovation for Applications in the Cultural Heritage Sector), the Code 42/2004 for cultural heritage goods and landscape, the EC regulation 2004/17/CE and 2004/18/CE and the National Programme for Competitiveness POC 2007-2013.

In the last 20 years UNICITY has implemented more that 200 highly reputable projects at international level in cultural heritage and heritage tourism. In 2012 Unicity has received the BLUE GENIOUS International Award for the development of the permanent exhibition in the Natural History Museum of Turin in Italy with complementary multivision technologies to support the cognitive emotional experience, most notably the iBook Charles Darwin, a man who changes his mind. PP2 (UNICITY) has produced in the Frederician Castle of Lagopesole, Italy an exceptional example for cognitive-emotional experiences with direct visitor involvement on site: the Narrative Museum “The World of Frederick II”, in operation since 2011. Selected as best practice by the SEE/B/0016/4.3/X Project SAGITTARIUS and the ENPI CBC BS JOP 282/48077 Project ALECTOR in 2014, it became a world attraction in 2015 selected at the 1st place for a quality museum experience in Italy and at 4th place worldwide.


Hotelofi Srl.

HOTELOFI Srl. is a tourism SME offering tailor made accommodation in A Coruna Spain and has developed a new social-media driven tourism business model for the management a medium-sized hotels. It shall assist the Partnership to increase foresight, innovation, and agility in the way they develop and adapt new services in a constantly changing globalized market with more skillful entrepreneurs, who may in turn encourage investment and action across markets and communities.

Pozejodn Turizem

Pozejodn Turizem d.o.o.

POZEJDON TURIZEM d.o.o. is a travel Agency in Rače, Slovenia. It is small company that offers group and individual cruises, excursions, trips and holidays at home and abroad. In its operations are closely connected with the local community and wishing to operate in terms of attracting visitors to Rače and the surrounding area. As Satellite Partners they were involved in the SEE/B/0016/4.3/X Project SAGITTARIUS and has developed in 2014 a heritage game in Castle Race for the connected consumer market to be played onsite with direct visitor involvement, which will build the basis for the further development of games based in authentic experiences at heritage places.


Institute of National Economy

The Institute of National Economy, is a research institute, established in 1953, functioning as autonomous entity of fundamental and advanced economic research. In 1990, INE was reorganized by reintegrating into the network of the Romanian Academy, as a component of NIER. Operating at national level, INE develops various activities from events, seminars, conferences and research to consultancy and technical assistance reaching thus a significant number of multilevel actors and private investors.

As part of different consortia or as coordinator, has developed interdisciplinary research projects financed from (inter)national funds, promoting knowledge based projects’ outcomes and transferred the results into business areas or provided consultancy for project results implementation on companies level. INE was also involved in designing strategies and policy measures for economic, social and cultural development at national and regional/local level. It has competences in doctoral/postdoctoral training through its specialists enrolled as PhD advisers into the SCOSAAR doctoral school of the Romanian Academy and university education in economics as teaching staff in some public/private universities from Romania. INE is providing a continuing collaboration for promoting training for specialization and new skills acquiring for youth. INE staffs are authors and co-authors of numerous books, studies and articles published in Romania and abroad.

In the last decade were developed researches on specific topics related to the project’s domain as the following: Culture sector diagnosis & 2007-2013 Strategy for Culture sector development in Romania, Economic evaluation models of the tourism sector in Romania, Economic growth, employment and competitiveness in knowledge-based economy, Telematics system of distribution for management and technological innovation evaluation, Survey on demand and supply of modern techniques and equipment for patrimony restauration/conservation/protection in Romania, Copyright-based industry in Romania (national report for Romania based on WIPO methodology), Economic and social effects of the cultural creative industries from Romania, Clubs’ Network for (local) sustainable development and adaptability, Community Planning- a multy-party road map etc. Some other projects implemented as partner were focused on designing local pilot projects and other tourism innovative products for integrated economic development and heritage valuing in actual economic and social context (Launching (g)local level heritage entrepreneurship: strategies and tools to unite forces, safeguard the place, mobilize cultural values, deliver the experience” -SAGITTARIUS) and Collaborative Networks of Multilevel Actors to advance Quality Standards for Heritage Tourism at Cross Border Level –ALECTOR)

Therefore both in terms of Project implementation and diffusion of Project result INE will act as a connector intermediating concrete Project benefits to a wide range of key actors.

INE will integrate the dynamics of the actors aforementioned as satellite Partners to the Projects Open Collaborative Network, enhancing thus the long term viability of Project results.


Union of Bulgarian Black Sea Local Authorities

The UNION OF BULGARIAN BLACK SEA LOCAL AUTHORITIES will ensure that results will be equally disseminated to 3 spheres of state, market, society and anchored in the Local Policy Agenda and the ROP (Regional Operation Programme). PP6 with seat in Varna, Bulgaria is an umbrella organization of 21 member municipalities covering the Bulgarian Black Sea region for encouraging of effective local self-government in terms of capacity building, know-how transfer, sustainable regional development, environment protection and energy issues as well as social inclusion and active citizen participation in the local government process.



DOKA is seat in Trabzon, Turkey, is a body governed by public law and its sphere of influence covers six cities in the eastern Black Sea region of Turkey. The development agencies in Turkey are recently established bodies, designed as coordinator organizations to catalize regional development. In that respect, the main goal of the Agency is to coordinate the efforts of private, public and non-governmental institutions with regards to regional development, to ensure the efficient use of means by prompting local resources, to increase the local capacity and to decrease the regional disparities. The Agency is founded to facilitate regional development and to coordinate efforts in that respect and possesses organic links with both state and private institutions, it appears as a key actor as a policy implementer.

For the project goals, owing to its contacts, the Agency have a considerable power in diseminating project results and in achieving large scale participation from different sectors to project activities. Besides, tourism being selected the prominent mean for development of the region, with its expertise and reseach the Agency might contribute meaningfully in terms of expression of voices from different actors with regards to cultural heritage policy and products. DOKA has already developed heritage products with commecrialization potential in the framework of the 2007-2013 ENPI CBC Black Sea Programe, and has thus acquired substantial experience towards the commercialization of heritage locations. DOKA will be responsible for the Project major event, the International project Conference, which will take place in Trabzon, Turkey and the opening of the Eurasian Market for the EUROTHENTICA Heritage Trails.