Municipality Rhodes, Unesco World Heritage, Region of South Aegean / NUTS II: EL42

Rhodes is well known Mediterranean island and a tourism destination since the beginning of the 20th century. The majority of employment is forwarded to the service sector mainly tourism related. During summer months the island hosts more than 1.000.000 arrivals in ports, marinas and local airport. The continued growth of travel and trade is constantly raising the bar on demand transportation systems. The required expenditure for the construction of new transport infrastructure so as to meet the growing demand, very often exceed the financial possibilities of governments and public institutions. Thus most needed today are data-rich decision-making tools in promoting mobility services and products. Rhodes aims to become a smart city. We seek to develop initiatives in new energy technologies that are both sustainable and financially attractive. Rhodes’s development strategy is primarily based on the promotion of the sustainable development in the area. We are a signatory at the Covenant of Mayors and a member in the Smart Cities and Communities Stakeholders Platform, supported by the European Commission (EC). The aim is to develop and promote a smart city strategy in order to face specific needs and demands regarding key policy areas, such as sustainable development, environment, energy, public services.


The Wave Lab, University of the Aegean, Region of North Aegean, EL 41, is a research-driven institute, focused on business transformation activities (teaching, research, consulting). It was founded in 2015, having received funding from the European Union funding through H2020 and has secured a business transformation consulting project for a large public sector organization in Greece. The Wave Lab leverages the extensive research and industry experience of our lab members, as well as their links to national and international centers of excellence in the fields of strategy, business design, and value engineering. The WAVE Lab will support DIVERTIMENTO in its research aspirations towards the exploitation of the achieved results and the transformation of prototypes with commercialization potential into competitive tourism products and services.

Museum of the History of Medicine, Department of Molecular Medicine - Sapienza University of Rome

Founded in 1938 by Adalberto Pazzini, the Museum of the History of Medicine contains a rich collection of exhibits, largely original, which can help trace developments in medical knowledge and practice from prehistoric times up to genomic revolution. Its current venue was inaugurated in 1954, using collections as a demonstration mainly as a support for medical history teaching. The collection by the opera singer Evan Gorga is the core and the most valuable section of the museum. The recent restoration works, the exhibitions revisiting, the educational and scientific upgrades and a project aimed at cataloging stored object allowed the Museum to gain scientific consideration, placing it in a international context of research, teaching and communication of the main issues of the history of medicine, biomedicine and the relationship between science and society. The museum is divided into three floors. The first testifies to developments of medicine from prehistoric times to the first biomedical revolution of the Seventeenth century. The second describes the emergence of scientific medicine in its methodological and doctrinal articulation, allowing a glimpse into the future perspectives biotechnological progress. The basement contains the original dioramas evoking medical-healthcare atmospheres of the past. It is possible to use an audio-guide; guided tours for groups must be requested at the email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

City of Avigliano, Region of Basilicata, ITF5
Mountain Community Alto Basento, Region of Basilicata / NUTS II: ITF5
Region of Basilicata, NUTS II:ITF5
AFIPRODEL Local Development Association, Region of Galicia, NUTS II: ES11
Municipality of Mazaricos, Regeion of Galicia / NUTS II: ES11
Municipality Race-Fram, Region of Drava, NUTS II: SI012

Municipality Race – Fram, with length of 51 km2 is among the medium-sized Slovenian municipalities. There live more than seven thousand inhabitants. Municipal Administration performs professional, administrative, organizational and technical activities in agriculture, tourism, social, economy and spatial planning areas. Special touch to municipality gives heritage – they have numerous natural and cultural traditions of their ancestors to expose once mighty "island" and "water" Race castle in the second half of the 16th century, known for its baroque, gothic and renaissance architecture.

Scientific Research Center BISTRA, Ptuj, Region of Drava, NUTS II: SI012

The public institution SRC Bistra Ptuj developed from the Bureau for Strategic Technological Development, or shortly BISTRA, in 1994. Our main tasks are planning and managing of developmental activities in municipalities of the Spodnje Podravje region. Core activities of the institution include: 1. promotion of development in the Spodnje Podravje region on all areas of work on a local level; 2. establishment of a link between universities and institutes, and transfer of scientific and economic knowledge to SMEs; 3. promotion and creation of knowledge in order to stimulate the area of human resources in the region.

Economic Institute Maribor, Region of Drava, NUTS II: SI012

Economic Institute Maribor (EIM), is a privately owned company, Ltd. It operates on a non-profit basis. EIM boasts over twenty years of experience in the fields of economic research, regional development and management consulting, over fifteen years of experience with the development of professional assistance schemes for SMEs with various EU funded programmes implemented with local, national and international partners and over five years of experience with the development and implementation of human resource regional strategies, programmes and projects.

Maribor Development Agency, Region of Drava, NUTS II: SI012

Maribor Development Agency is a non-profit professional organization that performs the tasks of Podravje regional development agency. The efficiency of its operation provides with the designed network of own and external experts for the regional and sustainable development; promote the development of entrepreneurship and tourism, human resource development and the internationalization of business.

Sinergia Development Agency, Pomurje Region, NUTS II: SI001

Development agency Sinergija operates in predominantly rural area with a population of around 37,000 people and has registered around 900 economic subjects. Agriculture remains the dominant economic branch and the amount of entrepreneurial activity is below the Slovenian average. Sinergija works as a business development institution supporting municipalities, other partners and the general public. It is responsible for the development of entrepreneurship, economic and spiritual development.

E-INSTITUTE Institute for Comprehensive Development Solutions

E-institute is a non-profit institute with general focus development organization, based in Ptuj, Slovenia. The scope of E-institute activities is focused on supporting the sustainable development with implementation of projects from the fields of ecology, energy, innovation, and rural development. E-institute contributes to successful implementation of national strategies, therefore the efforts are oriented to European integration and realization of EU funded projects. E-institute acts also as a local business incubator for a lower Podravje region (Slovenia).

Development Agency KOZJANSKO

Development Agency Kozjansko is a leading institution for common Rural Development Programme for seven municipalities (Dobje, Dobrna, Oplotnica, Slovenske Konjice, Šentjur, Vitanje, Zreče). The area has become a Leader area with Development agency Kozjansko as the manager. It performing public services as a subject of regional development for Regional Development partnership Obsotelje and Kozjansko, which is registered with the Government Office for Local Self-Government and Regional Policy. The area stretches on 609 km2 and has a population of 50.000 inhabitants.

Municipality of Alba Julia, Region of Alba, NUTS II: RO121
Year of establishment: 2005 — Purpose of the association: sustainable cultural-artistic and social development of the communities and the settlements in the County of Alba.

The purposes of the Association are the following:

  • Promoting the Romanian and universal traditional cultural values;
  • Promoting a sustainable, nature- and environment-friendly tourism;
  • Promoting and supporting study and research activities regarding Romanian history and civilization;
  • Revaluating, publicizing and presenting certain areas with touristic potential;
  • Restauration and preservation of archeological sites;
  • Environmentally friendly reconstruction and preservation of nature protection areas;
  • Carrying out environmental activities;
  • Promoting information and public awareness-raising activities regarding Romania’s opportunities within the new European context;
  • Increasing the communities’ contribution to solving social problems;
  • Youth education actions through art and culture, organizing courses, colloquia and other specific events.
  • Collaborating with different persons, public local authorities, other national or foreign institutions, governmental organizations and NGOs towards implementing projects of public interest in fields such as culture and tourism.
  • Involvement in projects of the local community, partnership with the public authorities and with national and foreign public authorities and non-governmental organizations which should support the realization of educational projects meant to develop the action-oriented spirit of young people.
  • Elaboration, editing and dissemination of books, periodicals, prints, flyers, brochures, audio-video materials, as well as other similar materials meant to promote the cultural-artistic activities of the association;
  • Developing some own activities – other than economic – intended to help the association towards self-financing;
  • Promoting and developing programs specific to culture and tourism in schools, high schools and universities;
  • Supporting the efforts of constructing, rearranging, modernizing and equipping certain social, cultural establishments, in order to carry out there activities with educational, cultural, humanitarian, social, instructing and charity-related purposes;
  • Organizing, promoting programs and campaigns regarding the civil society involvement in the administrative-territorial process at the level of Local and County Councils;
  • Organization and participation at cultural-artistic, scientific events, symposia, workshops, radio and TV-shows and camps conforming to the Association’s purposes.
Ministry of Economy, Competitiveness and Tourism / National Authority for Tourism, Region of Bucuresti-Ilfov, NUTS II: RO32
Governorship of Trabzon

Trabzon Governorship: the highest public authority in Trabzon, responsible for general coordination of public bodies and efforts including social and economic development efforts, project and programme management, preperation, coordination and supervision for economic and social life.

Trabzon Chamber of Commerce

Trabzon Chamber of Commerce and Industries, TCCI, umberalla organization SMEs in Trabzon as well as has public duties such as the registry of all companies, preparing projects to assist competitvenes of their member SMEs etc.

Municipality of Nessebar, Unesco World Heritage, Region of Burgas, NUTS II: BG34
Municipality of Balchik, Region of Dobrich, BG33
Municipality of Beloslav, Region of Dobrich, Province of Varna NUTS II: BG33

Albergue Casa Pepa
Albergue Santa Mariña
Albergue Ponteolveira
Taxi Mazaricos “O Rei do Taxi”
Taxi mazaricos-fisterra
Hotel Casa Jurjo
Albergue Picota (Cuñada de Fernando do Concello)
Casa Sergio (casa de vacaciones)
Casa Luar (casa de vacaciones)