Welcome to Mazaricos!

Placed on the northwest of Galicia in Spain Mazaricos extends over a territory of 192 km2 allocated to 12 parishes. The Santiago way enters in Mazaricos at the location of Maroñas and then passes through the parishes of Vaos, Mazaricos, Corzón and Ponteolveira. Mazaricos is very diverse with markedly contrasting and stunning landscapes: mountains and valleys, wild spaces, farmland, thick forests, open grasslands, solid and isolated villages, winding watercourses and roads that bring us closer to all of the horizons.

The Mounts Aro, Pedroso, Ruña and Pindo make a combination between mountains and valleys where the rivers Xallas, Biba, Arcos, Maroñas and Santabaia run. A Picota is the capital of the region. Paths, rivers, bridges, heritage, landscapes and warm people are the elements the visitors will find in Mazaricos.