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The Last Conspiracy

In the mid of 17th century Slovenia, Croatia and Hungary were preparing a new Europe, which led to the 11th of September 1683, a date connected with the end of the Ottoman expansion. Croatian and Hungarian nobles succeeded in liberating the areas occupied by the Ottomans. However, the Vienna military council instead of supporting them to free the rest of Christians lands in Slovenia, Hungary and Croatia, signed a shameful peace treaty in Vasvár with Ottomans in 1664! Emperor Leopold I of Habsburg adopted such conditions as if the Ottomans had won the war and were allowed to retain territories they had before the war won by the Christian forces. More over the Habsburgs denied the rights and languages of other nations joined the Empire...

Nobles decide to plot a conspiracy against the Emperor. In Croatia, the conspiracy was led by the Croatian ban Peter Zrinjski. He was helped by his wife Ana Katarina Zrinjski and her brother Franjo Krsto Frankopan. Zrinjski found an ally in the Slovenian Count Ivan Erasmus Tattenbach, who was at that time owner of Rače Castle. Tattenbach, owner of many manors and castles in Styria, used the Castle as a mansion for fun and hunting. There he has met with his future mistress Katarina Zrinski. Here the conspirators have signed a secret document against the Emperor Leopold I of Habsburg. But unfortunately they have been revealed.



The Gameplay

A fully fledged heritage game "THE LAST CONSPIRACY" will be played by the DIVERTIMENTO Transnational Partnership in the authentic environment of the Rače Castle. It is the dress rehearsal for a new adventure full of suspense, secrets, revelations, surprises, joy and fan. It is developed by the local stakeholders and the DIVERTIMENTO Transnational Partnership as a win-win scenario for the territory.

You are cordially invited to participate.



Press Coverage



The Location

The picturesque village of Rače is the heart of the Municipality Rače -Fram. This is the rural area covering the Drava Plain in the eastern part and the forests of Pohorje in the western part. In the village stands the Castle, built between 1528 -1533, now the seat of the Municipality Rače -Fram. The Rače Castle will host the 3rd Transnational Meeting and the 2nd Study visit of the COSME Project DIVERTIMENTO. Do not miss this unique opportunity to participate a unique experience in a thrilling part of European history and culture.



The Venue

This section offers news and useful information for travel and accommodation. We are involving one local accommodation facility located in the village Zgornja Polskav, while other options are located in nearby Maribor.

Pension Golob
Gostišče Golob Zgornja Polskava
Hotel Piramida
Best Western Plus Hotel Piramida Maribor
Hotel City
Hotel City Maribor



How to arrive

Village Rače ley near Highway A 1 between Maribor and Ljubljana. It is 20 km away from Maribor. There are 3 closest airports:

Transport from and to airport by company GoOpti - https://www.goopti.com/en/


Ljubljana airport – 120 km

Zagreb airport (Croatia) – 115 km

Graz airport (Austria) – 75 km


Local transport
Maribor – Rače 13:25 - 14:08 14:25 - 15:08 15:25 - 16:08
Rače – Maribor 5:43 - 6:26 6:43 - 7:26 14:38 - 15:26


Fee: price of the ticket is 3,10 EUR. Company "Arriva"



Local transport
By train
Maribor – Rače from 4:25 to 22:25 every 30 minutes
Rače – Maribor from 5:03 – 23:10 every 30 minutes


Railway station is 1,6 km from town centre (20 minutes’ walk)